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About Stagedive
Stagedive has been broadcasting live video streams of shows from the Portland area for the last several years. We've worked with partner venues and bands to allow fans worldwide to connect to Portland music in real time, then watch edited highlights after the show. Last summer we produced the live broadcast of the PDX Pop Now! festival for third year in a row. 

Stagedive is currently on hiatus as we focus on other projects. However, some of our assets and services are still available through other channels
  • We've migrated selected archives to a dedicated YouTube channel (which provides, among other things, full HD quality, better social and sharing integration)

Please join us on YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter to keep current with Stagedive videos and news.

If you are interested in streaming your next show, or need assistance with a video shoot, contact us with your questions.

We've worked with artists including: Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons, Polyrhythmics, Ezza Rose, Matt Brown, Blue Skies for Black Hearts, Radiation City, and more...

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